Since you are reading this page, I am guessing that you have already spoken to friends and family that have been through a divorce.  You have also probably used the internet and done some research on your own as to what to expect as you go through the divorce process.  Hopefully you have written down any questions as a result of your research.

If you are positive you wish to file for divorce you should start collecting the information that the Court and your attorney will need.  Every divorce requires a “Case Information Statement” also referred to as CIS, which is detailed financial form.  It requires information pertaining to your monthly income and expenses as well details about assets (house, cars, pensions, bank accounts, etc.) and liabilities (mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc.)

You will need copies of your tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements, pension, IRA, 401K statements, etc. along with current income information.  I suggest you make copies of these documents and retain them in a safe place.  I also suggest videotaping or taking photos of the contents of your home especially any expensive items, such as collectibles, antiques, jewelry, etc.

Now would be the time to consult with an experienced matrimonial law attorney to secure the answers to your questions and provide you with information about the divorce process.  While family and friends are usually willing to share their own divorce experiences, please keep in mind that every divorce is fact sensitive and the final terms are usually the result of agreements reached by the parties and not the Court.  In fact, over 90% of all divorces are resolved through negotiations of the individuals involved.